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  1. OptiSurface Designer on Multiple Monitors or Display

  2. Irrigation Analysis Setup Troubleshooting

  3. Profile Line Not Working

  4. GPS Not Working For OptiSurface Cloud

  5. Coordinate System Differences with Different GPS Systems

  6. Cannot Calculate with OSDv2.5

  7. Activating OptiSurface Designer and Firewall Parameters

  8. OptiSurface Cloud Link Not Working

  9. Slight Shift in Google Background Image

  10. OptiSurface Designer on Windows 10

  11. File Cannot Be Opened From USB/Network Devices

  12. OptiSurface Designer Freezes On Importing a Survey

  13. Error 5013: Activation Failed

  14. Unable to Execute File; Code 14001

  15. Survey Exported from AMW/AGPS System Hundreds of Miles from Real Location

  16. Issues with French Language on Windows

  17. Export Plane Design Not Working

  18. Print & Print Preview Not Working

  19. Importing Survey with File Name Including Special Characters

  20. Error Code: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

  21. Error 9103: Exception Code 8 - Licence Validation Failed

  22. Big Difference in Elevation shown in FmX

  23. Trimble FmX says "Too Far from Points"

  24. Failed to Write File Error

  25. Error Code 2: OSD Activation Failed

  26. OSEng.dll Getting Quarantined by Anti-Virus

  27. Resolve OptiSurface Designer Graphical Issues or Crashing

  28. Matching Trimble FMX to Support Control Grid Rotation

  29. OSD Window Turns Black

  30. Error 5022: System Clock Invalid

  31. Error R6030: CR7 Not initialized

  32. Zones Merge Together

  33. Getting Rid with Undesirable Indicator

  34. Proposed Topo and Cut Fill Isolines Don't Turn Off

  35. North-East is on the Left Down Corner Instead of Right Up Corner

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