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Survey Exported from AMW/AGPS System Hundreds of Miles from Real Location

Updated:  08 October 2014          For:  OptiSurface Designer V1.4 and above


A survey collected from AMW / AGPS System and was imported to OptiSurface Designer.  Upon checking the location of the map with Google Earth, it was off by hundreds of miles from the real location.

Google Earth shows the image below:


It look like the ags file has wrong latitude/longitude.  Possibly because when the survey was exported from AMW software,  the UTM zone was set incorrectly.  Looks like it was set up 19 instead of 18 in AMW / AGPS software. 

No need to re-survey, just set up the UTM zone correctly then export again to ags file. 

If the field was already unlocked with this mistake, just send us the unlocked osd file as well as the corrected survey file and we'll be happy to unlock it for you so you won't be charged twice for the same field.

Please see image below:

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