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OptiSurface Designer on Windows 10

Last Updated: 08 May 2017          For OptiSurface Designer V2.3 and up

My computer has updated to Windows 10.  Today I tried to load OptiSurface Designer but it crashes. 

The problem seems to be the graphics accelerator.  I turned it OFF (Tools > Options) and the program stopped crashing but it takes forever to calculate now. 

We have some people running OptiSurface Designer V2.3.14 on Windows 10 and they haven't mentioned this problem.  It sounds like it could be a problem with your computer and drivers as you suspect.  

A web search show Windows 10 users are experiencing issues and conflicts with Nvidia GeForce Graphics hardware.  You might need to wait for a better Windows 10 driver from Nvidia.

If you've successfully installed OSDv2 on your Windows 10 machine but some operations freeze or crash, try reinstalling OSDv2 and try again.

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