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---- 3.4.10 Subsurface Drainage Design

Last Updated: 24 May 2022         For: OptiSurface Designer V3.5.4

This feature is under development and experimental. Use at your own risk.

Overview:  The Subsurface Design Tool allows calculation of pipe depths and pipe sizes for underground drainage pipe (often referred to as 'Tile').

Displayed by:
Menu: Tools > Subsurface Drainage


Draw Drainage Pipe:  Draw the subsurface pipe location on the map. Start at the high point then end at the low point.

Optimize Pipe Depth:  see Optimize Pipe Depth

Optimize Pipe Size:  see Optimize Pipe Size

Delete Pipes (Polygon Select):  Delete the drawn pipes using a polygon. All pipes that intersects the polygon will be deleted.

Extend Pipes:  Extend the pipes to the desired length. Draw the first line crossing to select the pipes you wish to extend then draw the extend line at some distance from the selected pipes.

Trim Pipes:  Trim the pipes to the desired length. Draw a line through the pipes where you wish to trim them then select the side you wish to trim off.

Right Click:  Right click on any pipe to get the menu shown below.

Note. These operations only affect the selected pipe, not the whole pipe system.
  • Plot Profile - plots the profile of the pipe, automatically opens up when editing a pipe.
  • Edit - pipe becomes dashed line enabling drag the points or vertices.
  • Edit Table - edit points of the pipe by modifying coordinates, elevation or slope in the table.
  • Design - design the elevation of the pipe individually.
  • Offset - offset the pipe.
  • Duplicate - creates a copy of the pipe which can be placed on the desired location.
  • Move - move the pipe to a new location.
  • Split - split the pipe where it is clicked.
  • Trim - trim the pipe to the desired length. Clicked point on line will be the new end point.
  • Extend - extend the pipe to the desired length by drawing another line at some distance from the pipe.
  • Connect - extends pipes to the selected main pipe.
  • Join Ends - join the ends of the selected pipes.
  • Flip - flips the direction of the pipe and profile view.
  • Delete - delete the selected pipe.
Pipe Layers:  Depending on which layer you tick ON, the pipe will change color based on elevation, depth or diameter.

Video Walkthrough:  Watch this video as Ed demonstrates how to use this new feature. You can watch it on YouTube at 720p.

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