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------ Optimize Pipe Size

Last Updated: 24 May 2022         For: OptiSurface Designer V3.5.4

This feature is under development and experimental. Use at your own risk.

Overview:  Calculates the optimal pipe sizes for underground drainage pipe (often referred to us tile).

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Menu: Tools > Subsurface Drainage > Optimize Pipe Size



Drainage Coefficient (mm/day or in/day):  Defines the rate of water removed from a field over a period of time. It varies by design and by purpose. Most conventional drainage systems use a 3/8 drainage coefficient. Interceptor systems often use a 1/2 drainage coefficient. Contour systems, especially subirrigation systems that have closer tile lateral spacing, are upwards of a 3/4 drainage coefficient. Some specialty crops have even higher.

Drain Spacing (m or ft):  Defines how far apart the the pipe is for determining the catchment area of each pipe.

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