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GPS Base Station Setup For Best Vertical Accuracy

See the guidelines below when setting up your GPS system to ensure best vertical accuracy.

When setting up the base station, do the following:
•   Mount the base antenna level (within 1-2 degrees).
•   Install the base receiver on a tripod and ensure that the antenna is more than 100 feet (35 m) away from any metal objects or structures (such as laser trailers, pump structures, aluminized crop covering), regardless of their height relationship to the antenna.
•   Make sure that the remote radio antenna that is included in the mobile base station kit points down, or is placed at least 3 meters (approximately 6 feet) away.
•   Place the base receiver in the field of operation as close as possible
•   Place all mobile base stations less than 1 mile away from the operation area (the closer in proximity the less the maximum error and number of events).
•   Complete a 5 minute average each time a new base location is established

Best Vertical GPS Performance by Trimble

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