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Is OptiSurface Compatible with John Deere?

OptiSurface can be used with John Deere Equipment in two ways.

Planar Designs (2D)

John Deere iGrade can ONLY follow single plane designs. OptiSurface Designer can import topography data from many sources including John Deere APEX software (see OptiSurface Designer and John Deere's APEX).  OptiSurface Designer can then design a single or multiple plane design.  The plane design can then be input into the iGrade display.  Watch this video to learn how: How To Use OptiSurface Designer With John Deere iGrade Plane Control.  OptiSurface Designer can also and export a cut/fill map to be printed or loaded into the John Deere 2630 display for a moving map display.  No need for Terra Cutta or any other software.

Contact us at to get a single plane design for IGrade.

Unfortunately, if you use John Deere iGrade you'll be missing out on the real benefits of OptiSurface and 3D GPS landforming which uses variable grades or curved design surfaces to typically reduce the earthworks by 50% to 80% compared to single planes or even multiple planes design. Read more below.

Curved Surface Designs (3D)

To take full advantage Of OptiSurface and Save up to 80% on earthworks, you'll need a 3D machine control system that;
a) loads the OptiSurface design and displays a cut/fill map,
b) gets the gps coordinates from the John Deere RTK GPS receiver,
c) reads the design elevation from the OptiSurface design and
d) Controls the hydraulics on the tractor to raise and lower the blade of the scraper to match the design.

You can still use your existing John Deere RTK GPS receivers and tractor hydraulics on modern tractors, saving considerable on a 3D machine control systems.

Contact us at to learn more about your 3D machine control options for John Deere equipment and OptiSurface designs.

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