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Error Codes for Licenses

These are some errors that may occur when entering licenses:

Error Code 5008

Invalid Activation Data: The License ID and/or Password could not be validated by the Server. Make sure the user has a valid License ID and Password and is keying them correctly when attempting activation.

Error Code 5013
No Remaining Activations: The user has already activated or used the the License ID as licenses can only be used once.

Error Code 5016
Deactivated Installation: The Installation ID has been deactivated within Server.   This happens if you're trying to activate a license that has gone through the Transfer process.

Error Code 5019
License ID has expired: This Return Code is generated when the specified expiration date of the License ID is now in the past.

Error Code 5022
Invalid System Time: The date/time as displayed by the system clock is not within the threshold specified by Server. The user must correct the system clock to be able to continue.

Error Code 5027
Invalid Network Session: The Network Session has been closed or has expired.  Internet connection maybe slow.

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