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---- 3.4.15 Storage Volume

Last Updated: 09 Mar 2021          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.4 and above

Overview:  Calculates the water volume stored in a given boundary.  Best applied to calculate water volume for a given reservoir created in OptiSurface Designer.

Displayed by:  Tools > Storage Volume...


  • Boundary - Select which boundary and surface to base the calculations: Existing or Proposed Surface.
  • Top Water Level (m or ft) - Defines the top water level or the elevation of the crest of the reservoir.
  • Vertical Calculation Interval (m or ft) - Defines the depth interval which will be used to calculate the Storage Volume Table and the Proposed Storage Depth Map.
  • Horizontal Calculation Grid Spacing (m or ft) - Defines how far apart the grid points are horizontally for the calculation.  Lowering this to 5m or less will result to more accurate volume calculation.
Drawing a new boundary for the calculation is highly recommended for accurate calculations and map representation. 

Below shows a Proposed Topography with a dam created using breaklines.  A new boundary called 'C1' and 'C2' was created following the crest of the dam for the calculation of Water Storage Volume.

Resulting Map produces the Proposed Storage Depth Map.

The table below shows the results with the given depth interval of 0.5m starting from the lowest point.

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