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OptiSurface In Press: "Drainage Contractor"

Land forming design software for drainage and irrigation
by Drainage Contractor administrator | Jul 2014

OptiSurface land forming design software uses three different design models to accomplish the customer’s drainage or irrigation goals.

The one-way design model is designed for those who would like all their water to irrigate or drain in a predetermined single heading.

The two-way design model is designed for situations when it is necessary to drain/irrigate off of both sides of a ridge/crown or irrigate/drain both sides of a field towards a waterway or ditch.

The four-way design model is designed for situations the customer would like to get the water off the field in any and all directions, while still having the ability to pick and choose where the water should drain.

OptiSurface accomplishes these design models using the patented technology of Infinitely Variable Grades (IVG) to optimize the surface while reducing the cost of earthmoving and topsoil disturbance.

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