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Consultant Testimonials

Adrien Doulle

"OptiSurface has a clear and user friendly interface. We can design all the field or some spots. The software will automatically merge till and no till area. There is no steps to manage. There is always a solution with OptiSurface."

"With balanced zones, farmers know where to cut dirt and fill hole. Balanced zones allow farmers to move dirt efficiency."

"Our biggest benefits is the time of execution. We design 10,000 ac (4,000 ha) in less than four months each year. Currently, we are able to deliver design to our customers in less than 24h during the rush period."

Trevor Beaumont
Irrigation Engineer
Asia & Africa

"OptiSurface gives a lot of decision tools, and design options that enable you to make informed decisions, and also gives the cheapest earthworks options."

Lee Machen
Arkansas USA

"System works flawlessly. Always been a big fan. Have used Trimble WM Form and hated it. Did the free trial and didn’t even finish it. Deleted it off my computer the same day. You guys have always made improvements from listening to customers. Preston has also always been a big help to myself as well as customers."

Garnet Peters
General Manager
Manitoba Canada

"The problem was we had a tough time relaying and communicating plans and estimating dirt moving for our clientele and customers.  And also the analysis process, it was hard to do analysis of pre and post planning so with the OptiSurface program, it allows us of doing a better job at estimating dirt for the customer and giving him options vs just going with a single plane design like a wedge."

"The integration to the machine control and the ability to do what it can do is what we find the best."

"The biggest benefit to our business is the communication to our customers, giving them a designed map to give them the whole package.  Also, our governing bodies for surface work we get our permits from, we can give them a plan of what kind of dirt work that we're going to do that they can see everything with the charts of max cut and max fill."

Colten Penrod
Illinois USA

"Have the best tech support I have ever worked with. GREAT product and service!!"

Alasdair Harris
Illovo Sugar Ltd.

"The workshop was extremely informative and hands on.  We were taken slowly through all the basic design steps enabling all in attendance to feel confident to try on their own.  To note, however, was the after sales support which we initially received and continue to receive three years later."

Gerben Van Buuren
MTS Van Buuren
Zuid Holland, Netherlands

"It is good and easy to use the program and the support is also good."
User's Recommendation Rating: 9 out of 10

Jonathan Beaudry
Club Soleil Levant Inc.
Quebec Canada

"I certainly recommend Optisurface to everyone who have to do land leveling.  Also, I want to thank you for the good support and everything else you were doing for me in the past months."

Tim Neale
Queensland Australia

"Instead of spending $1000/ha ($400/ac) in Laser Leveling, with OptiSurface we're getting in at the order of about $200/ha ($80/ac). Not only you save money on shifting dirt, you're also avoiding the reduced productivity from scalping topsoil. OptiSurface is more advanced than anything else on the market."

Arnie Hinkson
Hinkson Land Tech
Nebraska USA

"This is the solution I have been looking for since my GeoStar/MultiPlane days, over 15 years ago. Thanks guys.” 

Dave Davies
Mechanized Ag. Consultants L.L.C.
South Africa

"WOW!! I believe this is going to herald a new future in landforming."

Tony Crowley
Independent Agricultural Resources Pty Ltd

"I am really impressed with your software. It seems to me the only way forward for land grading in agriculture. Well done."

Rick Greene
Precision Manager
MFA Inc.
Missouri USA

"I am truly impressed, it scares me a little because I thought more soil would need to be moved.  Plus, it can't be that easy."

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