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Dealer Testimonials

Bruno Bouchard
Ag Sales Director
JLD Laguë
Quebec Canada

“We contacted OptiSurface and asked all the technical questions we had, sent them some files that we were working on trying to find what would be the difference between the software we're using.  They gave us some demo credits so we can work and play with it and we had all our questions being answered so we knew OptiSurface was the solution for us.”

“We were impressed by the ease of use and the way you see in the information on the screen.  It's easy to understand, easy to use, fast to change the design and it's really easy to simulate different scenarios in the field and find the best for your needs.”  

“We have increased both the sales of equipment and value added services.  Our agronomists are doing more plans than before and also we're selling more credits, so it's very nice business for us.”  

Chris East
Precision Ag Partners
Arkansas USA

“Any of you guys out there that question this, that think it is a hoax, that thinks it is something that it is not, give us a call we would be glad to explain it to you, from a dealer to dealer stand point. Its unbelievable what it will do to your revenue.”  

“Everything has been spot on. You have bent over backwards to make it work for us.”

Tage Stam

"The software is awesome, particularly now that I’m figuring out how the design zones work.  Your support center with the knowledge base has been really helpful.  Thanks for all the support!

Lew Brandon
BMS LaserSat
Queensland Australia

"OptiSurface Designer delivers an 80% reduction in design time but more significantly up to a 90% reduction in earthworks."

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