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Farmer Testimonials

Martin Baril

Quebec, Canada

"OptiSurface Designer is very simple to use and easy to understand how to make a plan."

Craig Craft

Craft Farms
North Carolina, USA

"Ponding is a huge issue here, we were loosing much more yield than we thought to standing water issues. This farm has probably lost a third of its yield for the last 30 years to ponding. After we're done with the project (earthworks), we had a large rain event and we got out there to see the ponding gone is real striking!"

"Our area, typically has a lot of ditches to manage water. We went in there and took a lot of ditches out and now we have better drainage with less ditches."

"The improvement in productivity is amazing! It's absolutely remarkable how much quicker we can plant, spray and harvest this field with so many of those ditches removed. I think we went from seven individual fields to three. The production is a lot better than it used to be."

"This experiment has been a spectacular success since I managed to squeeze out 200 bushels per acre off of this farm which many people previously consider not suitable for corn."

"OptiSurface has always been there. They've been available thru email and have excellent phone support. They've walked me through how to actually set the machine up, how to import the data, how to export the surveys, how to set the parameters of the Trimble. OptiSurface has gone above and beyond, in my case, to help educate me on how to run my own equipment even though they're not Trimble people. We've received phenomenal support and I have no regrets at all for going with OptiSurface."

"The OptiSurface program works great! It's probably the best way to go for the most improvement you can do to your farm for the least amount of money."

Roger Stonner
Missouri, USA

"The results are far exceeding my expectations."

User's Recommendation Rating: 10 our of 10

Herman Kruger
C & H Kruger Boerdery
South Africa

"Great service and always quick to help and reply."
User's Recommendation Rating: 10 out of 10

Sören Gimmini
Schleswig-Holstein Germany

"I can only say, so far, everything is Perfect."   
User's Recommendation Rating: 10 out of 10

Bobby Hoard
Hoard Farms
Arkansas USA

"Instead of doing dirt work by laser and having to cut as much as 400 to 500 yd3/ac, in the same farm, we were lowering it to a little as 125 yd3/ac.  Doing it as a much less cost, with a lot less destruction to the top soil of the farm."

Michael Gray
Wakefield Partners
Arkansas USA

"I was impressed by just how little work had to be done, had we been doing it the traditional way of moving dirt in the early 90s, we would have done 4x the work."

"I can see an immediate difference in getting water on and off the furrow."

"The ease of solving these drainage problems has really been the biggest benefit."

Billy Beaudry
Farmer and Designer
Beaudry Farms
Quebec Canada

"We don't have to wait two or three years for the topsoil to recover and reap the benefits of land leveling, with OptiSurace, the year after, all the water drains out nicely and with minimized earthworks topsoil disturbance is reduced."

"Being able to follow the ground when there's enough slope and you don't have to grade everything up.  It's really what makes the whole difference."

"We're moving a lot less dirt when we don't need to."

"It's a lot faster in doing the designs, unlike multiplane where it was a lot labor intensive."

"We don't have much topsoil so we don't want to take all that out when we are leveling, by moving less dirt it makes a big difference.

Wade Bidstrup
Aloe Farming Co.
Queensland Australia

"OptiSurface is pretty simple to use and putting it in the paddock is just like magic!"

"I really like how the dirt leveling  works where you do a field on grade with the lay of the land."

For more details on how OptiSurface is an integral part of Wade's farming improvement plan, watch his 12 minute presentation below.

From: Wade Bidstrup, 29 March 2013

"G'day Graeme,

I thought I might try to explain this photo a bit better because I don't think you could get a better illustration of how the Optisurface worked than on this field.

In the foreground you'll see there is a field with mungbeans in it, of which the 200m or so at the end of the field have been drowned out by the water that is still lying there.  If you look across to the right of the photo you can see some corn stubble.  Where this corn stubble ends is where the paddock of mungbeans also ends.  The mungbean paddock and paddock with the corn stubble in it has not been Optisurfaced.  There is a straight line along this boundary where the water lays in the foreground and where it is not laying in the background.  The paddocks in the background used to be an extension of those in the foreground, except to say that water used to lay even worse than the background paddocks than the end of the paddocks in the foreground. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that prior to the fields in the background being Optisurfaced you would have seen water laying in the field starting where it is in the mungbeans and extending probably 3/4 of the way to the trees at the very end of the photo.  It would have stayed like that for weeks after this photo this taken. I can lose half my crop to ponding in wet years. Needless to say I was ecstatic to see zero water laying in the field I Optisurfaced, especially when I had this direct comparison with the mungbean field.

Hopefully this helps.  I guess since I know the fields it's easy for me to understand the difference, but short of getting a plane and flying over it (now that would make a good photo!), I'm not sure I could get a better photo showing the difference Optisurfacing has made.  Having said that, it still may not work that well for your advertisements so I can still get some photos of water covered fields if you like - that's no problem.

Murray and Tristan Nitschke
Nitchke Farms
Queensland Australia

"We are very happy with your design service and the outcomes have been excellent."

The ponding and flooding issues we've seen for the past 12 years  on that paddock designed with OptiSurface has all been dealt with."

"We're impressed by the comprehensive way you go about the design, looking at all the options and the most cost effective way of getting the drainage right."

"The areas that were very very inclined to grow little in the wet season, we are now getting higher yield." 

"Machinery operations are more timely and not going around ponded areas."

User's Recommendation Rating: 9 out of 10

Andrew Sevil
Whyenbah Farm
Queensland Australia 

"Algorithms are the best in the business, no question. Bigger earthworks savings."

David Cox
Davco Farming
Queensland Australia

"OptiSurface greatly reduces my farm development costs and just as importantly minimises topsoil distrubance."

Donald Lambert
Ferme DMD Lambert Inc.

“OptiSurface is great software which saves me a lot of time to plan and in the field saves a lot of money and time to make my land an optimum shape.”

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