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Contractor Testimonials

Lawrence Fielder
Turman Construction
Arkansas USA

"I'm impressed with the least amount of yardage we've moved from these high yardage field.  And you'll take the people spending the money because it doesn't cost too much.  That way it ups their yields, their efficiency and the crop production and it makes everybody happy, make more money and spend less."

"OptiSurface has definitely brought customers that may have not moved any dirt before because of the low yardage.  It has brought a lot of different clientele that just couldn't afford to move the dirt before by using OptiSurface and cutting the yardage back tremendously."

"OptiSurface has done a very good job. You're easy to get a hold off, easy to talk with and any problem I've ever had, I emailed it off and have a response within, really, 12hrs!  You cannot complain to any of that."

Larry Lawrence
Burdekin Laser Services
Queensland Australia

"You can potentially spend a couple of days designing a complex design with Multiplane ending at about 400 - 500 m3/ha.
  But designing the same field with OptiSurface, you can spend a maximum of 2 hrs and get the earthworks down to under 200 m3/ha."

Bentley Devazier
Devazier Excavating
Arkansas USA

"I was looking for a cheaper way to get water management earthworks done so more farmers can afford it, and OptiSurface was the answer."

Colten Pendrod
Schaefer Excavateing
Illinois USA

"OptiSurface have the best tech support I have ever worked with.  GREAT product and service!!"

Neil Garson
Garson & Company
Queensland Australia

"I was frankly amazed!! I had expected to see upwards of 100 thousand cubic metres to sort this job out. OptiSurface came in at 27 thousand cubic metres, saving my client many tens of thousands of dollars and keeping my company ahead of the competition and profitable. Thanks again.”

Corriee De Boer
JD Hoffman Earthmoving

“OptiSurface designs are going great.  Our clients love the ponding, and runoff analysis features.  At the moment we are busy with the earthworks for an OptiSurface design and its going great."

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