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How to Check Your OptiSurface Webstore Credit Count

Last Updated: 04 May 2015          For: OptiSurface Webstore

How do I find out how many credits remained on my webstore account?

NOTE:  'Webstore Credit' are different to 'OptiSurface Designer Credits'.  'Webstore Credit' are stored in your OptiSurface Webstore Account  BUT if you buy credits through a dealer you probably don't have an OptiSurface Webstore Account, your dealer does.  'OptiSurface Designer Credits' are transferred to your computer when you activate a License ID and Password using the Help > License/Credit Status > Activate menu in OptiSurface Designer.

1.  Check and review the email receipt when you last purchased from the OptiSurface Webstore.  On the lower right you will see the Store Credits Remaining as shown below.

2.  You can view the remaining Webstore Credit by starting to purchase a product, i.e OptiSurface Credits, then logging in.  When you review the order, the remaining Store Credit will be shown, see below.

If you wish to know how much OptiSurface Credits are left on your computer, read this article for instructions:
Reviewing Current License and Credit Status/Balance

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