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OptiSurface Designer and John Deere's APEX

Last Updated: 06 October 2017          For: OptiSurface Designer V1.4 and higher

Can we import and export any data for APEX (John Deere software) into Optisurface.

OptiSurface Designer can import elevation data from APEX.  Export the data from APEX to CSV file and import to OptiSurface Designer using File>Open.  Make sure you have collected the data with RTK GPS and with the based station within 3km for reasonable elevation accuracy.

OptiSurface Designer can export a background image and text design file that can load into APEX. You can export images out of APEX to load as background maps into John Deere tractors displays, but if you want to do 3D Earthworks with GPS controlling blade height, you need a machine control system.  There a few compatible with Optsurface. Contact us for the latest list.

Some machine control systems do have basic design capability but don't believe anyone who tells you it can do what OptiSurface can in terms of minimizing earthworks.  OptiSurface pays for itself many times over on each field with lower earthworks and we are happy to prove it with a free comparison design.

Simply email your survey file and the design report you would like to compare.

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