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OptiSurface Incab Activation Steps

Last Updated: 24 April 2014          For: OptiSurface InCab versions

Follow the steps below to activate OptiSurface Incab:

1.  Download the setup file.
2.  Run the setup file on the destination computer. 
3.  The Activation Procedure:
     When you start the software after it is installed you will get this dialog:



     The first and third option can be done through the internet without any human interaction by AMW. 
     If no internet connection is available then the end user would select the 2nd option. 

     All option then required the user to enter the Licence ID and Password:

Option 1 (Activate Online):
Once they press the continue button the application will communicate to the license server.  If the license is validated the application will activate.

Option 2 (Activate by Phone):
Require the user contact AMW directly to obtain their activation codes.  The user will give you two codes from the activation dialog, and you will enter those codes into here  and be returned two activation codes to be entered:

Option 3 (Activate from Another Computer):
If a user has installed the software on a PC without an Internet connection they may activate the software by using second computer that has an Internet connection.  This process may also be used on computers behind a restrictive firewall. 

The user will select a path to save an activation file.  They should save this file to a usb stick or other removable media. Once the file is stored the user can take it to a PC with an Internet connection and just double-click the file.

Once they double-click the file their browser will open to the offline activation page.  They will be instructed to download a .reg file and save it.  The user will take this .reg file back to the original PC that does not have an Internet connection.

The user will double-click the .reg file and be prompted to make sure they want to enter this information in their registry. Once the information is in the registry, the user may start the application, which will detect the new information and automatically activate.

If all goes correctly then you should get this result from all three options:

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