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Activating OSDv2.2 with New Credits

Last Updated: 10 February 2014          For: OptiSurface Designer V2 and higher

OptiSurface Designer v2.2 was just installed in my new computer using the link provided previously.  It was successfully installed and to activate it, I bought new credits. After entering the new License ID and password, it notified that activation was successful.

I then closed OSDv2.2 and tried to open it again.  But OSDv2.2 is asking me again to activate or evaluate, so I picked evaluate since I've already purchased new credits.  I checked my credit balance and found my credits but without any license, see image below.  What happened?

OptiSurface Designer v2.2 cannot be activated by purchasing new credits.  It can only be activated with the Starter Pack.  The credits previously purchased will be added to the Starter Pack.  Please email to get the link for the Starter Pack.

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