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---- 3.4.11 Recalculate Cut/Fill

Last Updated: 23 October 2015          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.4

  Updates the Cut/Fill Map, slopes and earthworks volume after the Proposed Topography has been modified using breaklines or the topographic points are edited/deleted after the Landform Design calculation. 

Displayed by:  Tools > Recalculate Cut/Fill


  • Main Slope Bearing (deg) - Defines the direction of the main slope or down slope.  It should generally have the same value as the Main Slope Bearing defined in Landform Design.
  • Boundary Point Spacing (m or ft) - Defines how far apart the calculation points for the recalculation.  Lowering this to 5m or less will result to more accurate earthworks.
  • Rebalance - Tick this ON to rebalance the earthworks on recalculate using defined parameters as shown below.
    Cut/Fill Ratio
    - Cut/fill ratio = Volume of Cut / Volume of FillIt is the same as the ratio used in Landform Design.
    Fill to Import (m3 or ft3) - Add in a value other than 0 if there are fills to be imported into the field.
    Cut to Export (m3 or ft3) - Add in a value other than 0 if there are cuts to be exported out of the field.
    Adjust Breaklines - Tick this ON to and allow the breaklines to shift vertically to balance the earthworks.
Proposed Topography (edited with breaklines)

Cut/Fill Map (No Recalculate Cut/Fill)

Cut/Fill Map (Recalculated)

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