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-- 3.5 Help Menu

Last Updated: 22 January 2014          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.2

Overview:  Help Menu shows OptiSurface Designer version and License related functions.

Displayed By:  Click 'Help' on the Menu.


License\Credit Status
Displays options to check License status or remaining credits, see below for more details.
Show 'Getting Started' Window
Displays the Getting Started Window, showing links to the User Guide and the Quick Start Guide.
Visit OptiSurface Support Center
Brings you to OptiSurface Support Center with a web browser.
About OptiSurface Designer
Displays the current version of OptiSurface Designer being used.
License\Credit Status:

  • Purchase - Purchase additional credits for OptiSurface Designer.
  • Activate - Activate the License ID you purchased with a Password to be used with your computer.
  • Status\Balance - Displays the current status of your OptiSurface Credits.
  • Transfer - Transfers the credits stored in your computer to another computer.  Use this when you plan to change workstations or format your computer.
  • Close - Close the License Status Window.

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