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Importing Multiple Survey Files to OSD

Last Updated: 28 October 2022          For: OptiSurface Designer V1.4 and higher

I have a few fields adjacent to each other and I want to design them as one project, is this possible?

OptiSurface Designer allows import of multiple survey files under the following conditions:
  • No calculations has been carried out yet; and
  • Master Benchmarks for the surveys are identical
Follow the steps below to import multiple survey files.
  1. Import the first survey file as per normal steps.
  2. Use File > Import Topography or use the Import File toolbar button to bring in the second and subsequent survey files in. Do not use  File Open as it will only open another OptiSurface Designer window.

  3. After importing the files, be sure to save the project before proceeding with any calculations, say FieldName_V01.

  4. Then calculate and unlock the file and save as another file called FieldName_V02.

  5. If you wish to have different control files for each lot, then you can save it as another file for each lot, say FieldName_Lot1_V01. Go back to FieldName_V02 and save as FieldName_Lot2_V01 etc. so you will be able to export each file independently without being charged again.


In OSDv2.2 and higher versions, fields adjacent to each other can be imported to one project but can still be designed independently from one another (you can have multiple boundaries for each file).  This helps in situations where the boundaries of the adjacent fields are needed to match closely.

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