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Showing Elevation Figures in Cut/Fill Map

Last Updated: 16 October 2013          For: OptiSurface Designer V1.4 and higher

This article will discuss the steps in showing the elevation figures in the Cut/Fill Map.

I have a customer wanting to see a cut sheet like multiplane designs where it shows each cut and fill all the way across the field.  Is this possible with Optisurface?

This is possible with OptiSurface Designer.  Follow the steps below to view the Cut/Fill Map with labels.

1.  Right click Cut/Fill on the Project Explorer and select Properties

2.  Tick ON 'Show Points', 'Markers' and 'Labels'.

3.  Adjust 'Label Size' as desired.

** If points are too close together, recalculate Cut/Fill Map, see next step. **

4.  Right click Proposed Topography in Project Explorer and select Recalculate Cut/Fill

5.  Adjust the grid spacing to be larger so points are not too close to each other.

Cut/Fill Map will look like this.

The same can be done with Existing and Proposed Topography by right clicking in Project Explorer and ticking ON the 'Labels'.

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