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Purchasing New Credits to Unlock a Design

Last Updated: 27 February 2015          For: OptiSurface Designer V1.4

NOTE:  For OptiSurface Designer V2 and above, read this article to purchase additional credits.

This article will discuss how to purchase new credits with the webstore to unlock a field.

A survey was imported and needs to be unlocked as shown below.

  1. Double Click the padlock icon and a window will prompt showing you need to buy additional credits to unlock the field.  Image below shows, the designer needs additional 193 credits to unlock the field and continue designing.

  2. Hit 'OK' to confirm and your web browser will bring you to the webstore to start the transaction.  It already shows 197 credits to be purchased to unlock the field.  You can edit the amount and purchase more credits for future use.

  3. Hitting 'Checkout' will direct you to the log-in page of the webstore.  Key in your email address and password then hit 'Log In'.

  4. The next page will be to verify your customer information.  This should be already filled up if you're an existing customer.  Check the details and hit 'Continue' to confirm.

  5. Next is to review your order and choose the Payment Method then hit 'Continue' to confirm.

  6. Finalize your order by hitting 'Place Order'.

  7. The order is complete and details will be shown.  Use the LicenseID and password given to activate the new license.

  8. Insert the new LicenseID in the Activation Window and key in your password, then hit 'Continue'.

  9. Now you have enough credits to unlock the field, hit 'OK' to unlock then save the osd file.

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