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---- 3.4.20 Options

Last Updated: 23 January 2014          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.2

  Allows you to adjust the setting of OptiSurface Designer.

Displayed by:  

Menu:  Tools > Options


Display Driver: Select the graphics driver used to display the 3D scene. OpenGL is generally best.

Enable Graphics Hardware Acceleration: Ticking this OFF stops OptiSurface Designer from using the graphics/video card that your computer may have. This can solve stability/crashing and display problems but the map scene may run slower.

In OptiSurface Designer V2.0 and later, this maybe ticked on by default when installing the software.  If stability/crashing and display problems occur, please update your graphics card drivers and graphics drivers. See Resolving Crashing and Graphic Issues section.

Auto Backup Interval (Min): 
By default, OptiSurface Designer automatically saves a backup of your files every 10 minutes while you're actively working. If, for example, you're working on a file named MyDesign.osd, the automatic save creates a file named MyDesign.osdbac in the same folder.

Changing this setting requires OptiSurface Designer to be RESTARTED to take effect.

Font Size: Defines the size that new annotation text will be displayed. Note this will not adjust and annotations that already exist.

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