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---- 3.4.1 Project Properties

Last Updated: 23 May 2018          For: OptiSurface Designer V2.7+

  Project properties are high level details of the current OptiSurface Designer design file (*.osd).

Displayed by:  Tools > Project Properties


Client, Farm and Field and Notes:  Text to assist in recording information about the OptiSurface Design.  These details are also printed in the design report (Tools > Design Report).

Vertical Exaggeration Factor:
  Vertical Exaggeration shows the appearance of the terrain to be more pronounced than actual.  It is set when the survey is imported based on the vertical variation of the points.  In Optisurface Designer V2, this factor is calculated automatically and cannot be changed.

Maximum Triangulation Length:  This is the maximum distance that triangles will be formed between points.  This essentially limits surface extents to areas with points within this distance.  100m or 300ft is typical but can be set between 50m to 10000m or 150ft to 10000ft.

Main Slope Arrow (%):  Change the size of the Main Slope Arrow in the Map Window by editing this number.

Master Benchmark:  Shows details of the Master Benchmark. During export it is used as the reference point around which all data points are defined. Only advanced users should change these values.

The Coordinate System drop down should generally be set to 'Local' when survey files are imported with a local coordinate system (eg Trimble Field Level2 multiplane.txt survey file ) or UTM when the survey data was imported with Latitude/Longitude (.ags or .shp files) or UTM Easting and Northing coordinates (.xyz)

Warning:  Mixing different coordinate systems from different machine control and survey equipment can produce problems.  To learn more click here.

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