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2 Getting to Know OptiSurface Designer

Last Updated: 31 May 2022          For OptiSurface Designer V3+

The following diagram describes some of the features available in the main window of OptiSurface Designer:

  1. Menus – Lists all commands or actions that are available in OptiSurface Designer.
  2. Project Explorer - Use this to turn on and off the display of the objects in the 3D view.
    Double left click and right click on the objects to show actions that can be applied to the object. Eg ‘Add Point’.
  3. Result Summary – Shows figures like Area, Earthworks and Slopes.
  4. Toolbar Buttons – See next article.
  5. Map Window - View the terrain and other objects in this window.
  6. Legend – Shows the colours that apply to different elevations and other attributes like Cut/Fill.
  7. North Arrow – Shows the direction of North (Y), East (X) and Elevation (Z).
  8. Status bar - View coordinates, elevation, toolbar button functions and other status information here.

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