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Example 1: Sugarland with OptiSurface1D


This 85 hectare sugarcane field ponds water heavily in the area near the north east.  It requires landforming to have improved water surface drainage reducing uneven yields and maturity, and preventing water from ponding in those areas.

Follow this dropbox link for the example survey file and unlocked osd file:

Drainage Analysis

Existing Topography Map

Design Constraints

Proposed Topography Map

Proposed Cut/Fill Map

Long Section (Along Direction of Row)

Cross Section (Across the Row)


An OptiSurface1D design has been calculated to drain water down the field to the northeast direction following the natural topography of the field. Significant smoothing was applied in the main slope and cross slope directions and maximum grades were limited to 0.3% for the main slope while 0.2% for the cross slope. This resulted in smooth design surface with earthworks of 153 m3/ha (80 yd3/acre).

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