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Error 9103: Exception Code 8 - Licence Validation Failed


When I started OptiSurface Designer, I was prompted by Error 9103: Exception Code 8


OptiSurface Designer needs to communicate with our licence server at least every 60 days to validate the software license.

There might be a problem with your internet connection preventing this.  Please use your internet browser (eg Internet Explorer) to see if you can access any webpage (eg If you can't, then your internet connection is broken so check with your internet service provider. 

Another cause maybe the firewall is blocking OptiSurface Designer from communicating with our server.  Adjust the firewall settings so that OptiSurface Designer can speak with outside world.

If the company firewall is the problem, and you can get the computer into the internet with another method (eg wireless access at home or USB dongle) then try again. Also try another internet service provider like a cellular modem if you have one.

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