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Not Seeing the .gps File on Trimble FMX

Some OSD users are having problems not seeing the .gps file name when trying to load the file into a field on the TRIMBLE FMX. This problem appears to be in OSD V1.4.5 with some fields. 

We are working hard to resolve this problem. 

The workaround at the moment is to open the osd file in  OSD V1.4.4 and exporting with that version instead. BUT YOU MUST EXPORT WITH A 'Export Grid Bearing (deg)' of 0 DEGREES for this to work properly. 

So if you are experiencing this problem please try this:

1. Download and install OptiSurface Designer V1.4.4: Contact to obtain this setup file.
2. Click Windows Start menu and you should be able to find both versions installed "OptiSurface Designer      
    V1.4.4"& "OptiSurface Designer V1.4.5"
3. Click the "OptiSurface Designer V1.4.4" icon to run it
4. Click File > Open > Select your .osd file made previously in OSD V1.4.5.
5. Click File > Export Proposed > Save As Type > Trimble AgGPS FieldLevel (*.gps)
6. Change 'Export Grid Bearing (deg)' to 0
7. Click OK at 'The accuracy of the earthworks"... dialog box
8. You gps file should be exported. Copy to USB stick and load to FMX. 

Please contact us if you are still having problems.

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