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---- 3.4.14 Stripping Design

Last Updated: 11 May 2023         For: OptiSurface Designer V3.5+

Overview:  Calculates a design for stripping the topsoil. This is useful for landform designs that has heavy cut areas - strip the precious top soil then set aside and work on the subsoil according to the design.

Displayed by:  Tools > Stripping Design


  • Calculation Grid Bearing (deg) - Defines the direction of the calculation grid.

  • Calculation Grid Spacing (m or ft) - Defines the how far apart the calculation grid is.

  • Cut/Fill (m or ft) and Stripping Depths (m or ft) - Edit this table to define the stripping depth for the respective cut or fill.
Once calculation is finished, the Stripping Topography and Stripping Cut/Fill  can be ticked ON or OFF in the Project Explorer as shown below.

Note:  The Stripping Design is calculated based on the Proposed Cut/Fill Map so it requires a landform design to be calculated beforehand.

Export:  Finally, the control file can be generated in File > Export Stripping Design...


A client has designed his field for furrow irrigation and required deep cuts and fills. The Existing Topography, Proposed Topography and Cut/Fill Map are shown below.

Existing Topography

Proposed Topography

Cut/Fill Map

Stripping Design

A stripping design with variable stripping depths was generated based on the inputs below:

These inputs mean the stripping occurs anywhere there is more than 0.1m cut or fill. For cuts and fills greater than this value the stripping depth varied from 0.1m to 0.5m based on the table above. The resulting Cut/Fill Map required to complete the stripping is shown below.
Stripping Cut/Fill Map

Then to get the elevation that the top soil is stripped down to, the software subtracts the Stripping Cut/Fill Map from the Existing Topography to produce the Stripping Topography shown below.

Stripping Topography

These surfaces were exported to a control file and loaded into a dozer and the operator will vertical light bars to indicate to control the blade.

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