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---- 3.4.14 Stripping Design

Last Updated: 26 August 2021         For: OptiSurface Designer V3.5+

Overview:  Calculates a design for stripping the topsoil. This is useful for landform designs that has heavy cut areas - strip the precious top soil then set aside and work on the subsoil according to the design.

Displayed by:  Tools > Stripping Design


  • Calculation Grid Bearing (deg) - Defines the direction of the calculation grid.

  • Calculation Grid Spacing (m or ft) - Defines the how far apart the calculation grid is.

  • Cut/Fill (m or ft) and Stripping Depths (m or ft) - Edit this table to define the stripping depth for the respective cut or fill.
Once calculation is finished, the Stripping Topography and Stripping Cut/Fill  can be ticked ON or OFF in the Project Explorer as shown below.

Finally, the control file can be generated in File > Export Stripping Design...

Note:  The Stripping Design is calculated based on the Proposed Cut/Fill Map so it requires a landform design to be calculated beforehand.

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