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How Do I Get Started with OptiSurface Designer?

Last Updated: 27 March 2019         For: OptiSurface Designer V2++

The Starter Pack allows you to download and install the OptiSurface Designer software program on your computer including:

  • OptiSurface Designer Software Licence for 1 computer    
  • Up to 332 acres (133 hectares) of Optimized Curved Design Unlocks or 997 acres (399 hectares) of Planar Design unlocks
  • Extra credit packs (with volume discount) for more area are 3 credit/acre (7.5 credit/hectare) for Optimized Curved Design Unlocks and 1 credit/acre (2.5 credit/hectare) for Planar Design unlocks
  • Online Video Training Course
  • Online Knowledgebase
  • Email Support

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