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3.7 Options Dialog

Overview: Allows you to adjust the setting of OptiSurface Designer.

Displayed by:  

Menu:  Tools> Options...   


Display Driver:
Select the graphics driver used to display the 3D scene. OpenGL is generally best.

Disable Hardware Acceleration: Stops OptiSurface Designer from using the graphics/video card that your computer may have. This can solve stability/crashing and display problems but the map scene may run slower.

In version OptiSurface Designer 1.3 and later, this was ticked on by default when installing the software. This was due to a number of problems experienced on different computers due to incompatible graphics hardware and drivers. This is not a problem for smaller designs. (eg up to 5000 survey points or 10 hectare or 25 acres), however if you are running larger designs and the 3D scene seems  slow to respond, then ticking this off may help it display faster and more smoothly. If stability/crashing and display problems occur, please update your graphics card drivers and graphics drivers. See Resolving Crashing and Graphics Issues section.

Changing this setting requires OptiSurface Designer to be restarted.

Font Size: Defines the size that new annotation text will be displayed. Note this will not adjust and annotations that already exist.

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