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3.1 Project Properties

Overview: Project properties are high level details of the current OptiSurface Designer design file (*.osd).

Displayed by:   Menu:  Tools> Project Properties...


Client, Farm and Field and Notes: Text to assist in recording information about the OptiSurface Design. These details are also printed in the design report. (Tools> Design Report)

Vertical Exaggeration Factor: You can adjust the appearance of the terrain if you would like the elevation to appear more pronounced or exaggerated. You can set it to any value between 1 and 100. A common setting is 30, which achieves an obvious elevation appearance.

Maximum Edge Length: This is the maximum distance that triangulation of all surfaces will be carried out over. This essentially limits surface extents to areas with points within this distance. 100m is typical but can be set between 1 and 10000m

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