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Draining Surface Water Using OptiSurface Designer

How many ways can OptiSurface Designer shed water?

OptiSurface Designer can shed water in one direction using OptiSurface1Way, two opposite directions using OptiSurface2Way and into four directions using OptiSurface4Way.

OptiSurface1Way and OptiSurface2Way are best used for fields with furrows. OptiSurface Designer allows the designer to select the direction of the main slope / furrows so water will drain accordingly.

OptiSurface2Way allows movement of water in opposite directions, if main slope or furrows are running North to South, water can be designed to drain to the North and to the South, like having a ridge in the middle of the field.

On the other hand, OptiSurface4Way is best suited for fields that will not have furrows, water will drain out of the field in all directions.

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