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Exporting John Deere GreenStar Machine Data for OptiSurface

Last Update: 09 November 2018         For: OptiSurface Designer OSDv2 and above

Follow the steps below to export JD GreenStar folder as zipped folder.

  1. The folder will be named something like “GS_2630,” 2630 is the type of monitor. This should be the top folder that comes from the yield monitor. In order to export this data, we must maintain the hierarchy structure of folders as taken from the card. This hierarchy would be the monitor type > a custom name you have defined > and then a folder called RCD an example of this can be seen in the first picture below. 

  2. Right click the folder and select Send to then select Compressed (zipped) folder on the dropdown.

  3. Once the compression is complete, you can send the zipped folder to and we'll have a look at your topographic data.

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