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---- 3.4.18 Drawings

Last Updated: 10 July 2018         For: OptiSurface Designer V2.5+

Overview:  Draw lines and shapes which overlay the design. This layer can be turned ON and OFF and can serve as guidelines for the design.

Displayed by:
Menu: Tools > Drawings

  • Add/Edit - Add new drawings or edit existing drawings
  • Properties - Adjust the Drawing Plane Elevation

The Default Toolbar will be replaced by the Drawings Toolbar temporarily, until you hit 'Stop Editing'.

Line -
draw a line with two points

Polyline -
draw a polyline with multiple points

Rectangle - draw a rectangle

Three Point Arc - draw an arc defined by three point

Center Arc - draw an arc defined by the center point and radius

Two Point Circle - draw a circle defined by two points in the circumference

Center Circle - draw a circle defined by the center point and radius

Three Point Circle - draw a circle defined by three points in the circumference

Ellipse - draw an ellipse with the center points and two radii

Curve - draw a curved line with multiple points

MultiLine Text - insert text

Revision Cloud - draw a revision cloud

Layers - edit and customize layers

Polar Tracking - enable polar tracking while drawing

Select Entity Window - draw a window to select drawing entity, then right click for more options, see below

Object Snap On - enable object snap

Undo - undo previous drawing action

Redo - redo previously undone action

Select Entity - Right Click Actions

  • Scale - adjust the size of the entity
  • Move - adjust the position of the entity
  • Rotate - rotate the entity
  • Edit - edit the points of the entity
  • Copy - copy and duplicate the entity
  • Cut - cut the entity to be pasted later
  • Delete - delete or remove the entity

  • Convert to Zone - convert the entity to a design zone (only applies to rectangle, circle, closed polyline)
  • Convert to Breakline - convert the entity to breakline (only applies to line and polyline)

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