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Loading .gps File into Trimble Field Level (FMX)

Last Updated: 18 Jan 2024         For: OptiSurface Designer .gps File

Do you have a guide on how to put up the design in the FMX Display on a Trimble Field Level II?

You want to follow the same procedure as "Working With Multiplane designs' in the FMX manual to load the .gps file.  If you have FMX Firmware version 7 or higher, then create a new field and operation with NO Master Benchmark in it and then open that Field and load the design.

Remember to load the design in a new field without any benchmarks.  Be sure to re-bench after importing the design.

Below show some clips from FMX User Guide v7.2a

1. Copying the .gps File Into the USB Stick

2. Field Level II Setup

3. Creating a Field

Open the Existing Field in FMX that was used during the survey. If this does not exist, create a new field and open it.

4. Working with .gps Files

5. Re-benching

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