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Exporting an Image and Importing into APEX

This article describes the procedure on how to export images an image from OptiSurface Designer and import it to APEX.

Software Needed:

GreenStar APEX v3.4 or higher
OptiSurface Designer v2.0 or higher
File (osd) of the field to be exported from OSD.


1.  Start OptiSurface Designer v2.0 or higher.

2.  Open osd file in OptiSurface Designer.

3.  Select the map to be exported: Existing Topography, Proposed Topography, Cut&Fill, etc.

4.  Go to File > Export Image. Change Save Type As to Windows Bitmap Image & World File (*.bmp &*.bpw).   

5.  Select Eastings & Northings in Meters as Coordinate System of export. 

**** Note: Importing to APEX requires image to be exported in Metric Units.

6.  Start GreenStar APEX.

7.  If a client, farm and field is not yet created, create a new client.  Go to Setup > Enterprise > Client.  Do the same for Farm and Field.

8.  Go to File > Import . Select Image Layer on the found on the left side.
     Choose the recently created *.bmp file. The world file *.bpw should be automatically selected by APEX.
     Use UTM as Coordinate System and WGS'84 as Datum.

9.  Click 'Additional Coordinate System Information". Add the correct UTM Zone. You can find the correct zone by opening *.bpw file with notepad.

10.  Select the Client, Field and Farm, add the layer name then Import.

11.  View the imported layer.  Click Maps button and select the layer by expanding the clients, farm, field, etc.

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