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Difference Between OptiSurface Designer Software and the Trimble and Deere Solutions


What is the difference between your software and the Trimble and Deere solutions?

The short answer is we achieve surface water management goals (irrigation and drainage) with much lower earthworks using our optimised variable grades designs (curved 3D surfaces). Trimble and John Deere currently use the traditional single plane or multiple plane designs which are really a hangup from the laser days. Now with GPS we are not restricted to single plane designs anymore. Trimble's Multiplane uses multiple planes surface joined together at the edges which can take designers days to design a field if they want to use many planes and marry the edges closely. Most cant be bothered and just do a single plane of best fit. This requires more earthworks (eg 50% more) than a multiple plane design and much much more earthworks than a Optisurface design. (eg 400% more).

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