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Credit Charged Twice for the Same Field

Did merge 3 fields together and paid for the drainage, for the runoff, and for the export proposed. After that I try to separate the 3 fields and did the drainage again for field and the program bug. Because I can't wait for it, I decided to work for the original xyz. file but I have to paid again for the drainage, for the runoff, but I didn't do the export propose yet. Let me know what the problem is, please.

Once you import a survey into Optisurface Designer (OSD) and process it and consume credits, those credits are saved into the osd file you are working on when you save the osd file. So you can close that osd file and open it again later and redo that analysis. If you import the survey into OSD and create a new osd file then you are effectively starting again and OSD will ask for more credits. If this happens due to a crash of osd or any other reason we are happy to refund the extra credits. Just send us ALL files (import, osd and export) once you have processed the second time and tell us how many credits you lost in the process. We will check your files and put a store credit on your account and notify you by email.

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