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Computer Change: How to Transfer Credits?

Last Updated: 30 October 2014          For: OptiSurface Designer V1.4

I'm changing computer this week and I still have credits (111) on the old computer that I will not have access in the near future.  I was wondering if  it would be possible to transfer those 111 credits on my first OptiSurface trial on the new computer? 

To transfer credits from one computer to another (e.g. if one computer is  being sold and the user wants to shift OSD to another) we need to do this: 

1. Zero the credits on the old computer: 
    a. Run OptiSurface Designer (OSD) on their old computer 
    b. Open any osd or survey file. 
    c. Click Menu: Tools > Landform Design... 
    d. In the 'Special' input box just above 'OK' button type in 0credits.  Note that is a zero '0' then word 'credits'. 
    e. Click 'OK & Calculate' button. 
    f. A dialog box will give a message like: Credits Reduced. Code: ?????? 
    g. Email the code number to along with the number of credits requesting to be transferred. 

2. OptiSurface Support will put Store Credit on your account equivalent to the amount that was taken off the old computer and send you an email when done. 

3. Purchase a new licence for the new computer based on info provided in the email by OptiSurface Support.

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