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Design for a 1000-Ha Field


The customer wants to be able to load a 1,000 ha survey and make designs of sections of this field (10 – 15 different fields) take into account all the main field.


You can load 1000ha of survey data in OptiSurface but I wouldn't advise it because the software gets bogged down for so much data but I understand that he wants to design a whole farm effectively 15 fields at once.

In the current version (OSDv1.4.5), you can only design one boundary at a time for one file and that might be a problem.   We are working on a new version now where you can design multiple boundaries in the same design file so you could potentially design different fields.

It can be done but you will end up with a lot of data points depending on how intensely they surveyed.   We generally recommend no more than 30,000 data points on one osd file.


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