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Speed Up the Display Graphics (eg Zooming and Panning)

Last Updated: 19 November 2014          For: OptiSurface Designer V2 and higher

OptiSurface Designer can use discrete graphics card or an integrated graphics processor (IGP) with 3D capabilities to run the display graphics faster.  Most computer newer than 3 years old include these capabilities.

However, for stability reasons, the use of this hardware is turned OFF by default when you install OptiSurface Designer.  To turn it ON, go to Tools Menu > Options > Tick ON 'Enable Graphics Hardware Acceleration' > Apply > OK > Restart OptiSurface Designer.

This should speed your graphics up.  If you begin to have problems with Optisurface Designer crashing, you could tick OFF the 'Enable Graphics Hardware Acceleration' option or you may need to update your graphics card.

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