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Working with OptiSurface and Topcon

Last Update: 16 August 2017          For: OptiSurface Designer OSDv2 and above

OptiSurface can work with Topcon Agricultural Landforming Systems via AgForm3D.

Exporting A Topcon Survey For Design In OptiSurface Designer
  1. Open the .ag3 with Topcon AgForm3D software
  2. Export the survey data as xyz text file.  See this article for more info:  Exporting Survey from TopCon AgForm3D for OptiSurface Import
  3. The .txt file can now be imported into OptiSurface Designer directly.
Exporting An OptiSurface Design For Topcon Machine Control
  1. Design the field in OptiSurface Designer
  2. Send the .osd file to and ask to export the xyz text file to Topcon import. We prefer to export the xyz text file for you as we do not have a one click button for this yet (as of OSDv2.5) and the steps are a bit complex. Then format for each line in the text file should be Point number, Easting, Northing, Proposed Elevation, Identifier
  3. Once you received the text file, back import it into AgForm3D. See the AgForm3D help file section: 'Import Field Data From a Text File'. This will import the OptiSurface proposed surface into AgForm3D as a 'existing' or field surface.
  4. Trick AgForm3D to produce a design surface the same as the field surface by calculating a PWCS Design without any parameters so that the Design is the same as the existing.

    NOTE: Unfortunately the Cut/Fill map shown on the TopCon Display will show Zero cut/fill over the WHOLE field. This is because the existing field surface (as far as AgFrom3D knows) is the same as the design surface but at least you can have the machine control.

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