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---- 3.1.2 Import Background Image (Overlay)

Last Updated: 29 June 2022         For: OptiSurface Designer V3+

Overview: Overlay allows you to drape any image over your existing topography. This allows you to compare topography and any image you have like aerial photos or yield maps. Note: You need to set a background image first.

Displayed By: Click Project Explorer > Overlay


1. Import some topographic survey data using File>Open.
To fetch an aerial photo from Google Maps click Project Explorer > Background.
2b.  To import an image like a yield map, right click Project Explorer > Background > Import Image File. Adjust the image corners to rubber sheet the image into the correct location.
3. Then to drape the image Click Project Explorer > Image Drape

Example: Here is a yield map draped over existing topography.  

Video Demo

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